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How many different pet food brands have you tried to find the right one? Well, we tried many for our poodle, Tori. He was such a picky eater and we tried many different kibble brands, none of which he liked. Tori was constantly getting digestive problems, refusing to eat and getting even pickier to a point where he wouldn’t be excited for any commercially made treats. We were so lost, running out of options, and obviously wasting money.
So we started studying and reading about pet nutrition and learning a lot about the reality of mass-produced commercial pet foods. We have also spoken to other pet owners about their experiences, frustrations and solutions. The conclusion was pretty clear and simple. Pets also like to eat real food and they need variety. Imagine you have to eat only one kind of cereal for your entire life. You wouldn’t be too excited for your next meal. It’s the same for our animal. They want to eat delicious, healthy and variety of foods.
Our poodle, Tori has been an absolute gulper since we took him away from kibbles and this is the beginning of our journey. All the ingredients are sourced from where humans go to buy foods for themselves. All our products are also approved by our certified dog food taster, Tori. We are confident that your pooch will love it too!             
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December Holiday Closure

We are going on a vacation from Dec 4 till Dec 30. Any orders placed after Dec 1 will be fulfilled after Dec 30. Happy holidays~

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