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Question: What is the best way to store the treats. 

Answer: Our treats have absolutely no preservatives or additives in them. Because they are dehydrated to a point where it is still delicious but stable, these treats are designed to last for quite sometime. However once opened, because of the ambient humidity in the environment, its lifespan until it goes bad can be significantly impacted. We recommend keeping our treats in the provided bag with the provided dehumidifying agent in the bag.


Question: How much treats can I feed to my dog?

Answer: In general, when you are feeding raw foods, the daily feeding amount is recommended to be somewhere between 3% to 4% of the dogs weight. For example, a 10kg-dog is recommended to take about 300g per day. Our treats are on average reduced to about 30% of the original meat by weight. In other words, if a 10kg-dog takes 100g or 1% of its weight of our treats in a day, it will be the equivalent of the dog's daily recommended calorie intake. In a day, 3 or 5 strips of jerkies for little dogs, 5 to 10 strips for medium size ones and 10 to 20 strips for big ones should be just fine.


Question: What other ingredients do you put in the treats?

Answer: Most of our customers ask what special ingredients we put in the treats because their dogs just go nuts! In fact, our special ingredient that makes our treats so irresistible to our furry customers is.... nothing. Not putting anything else is the special recipe. All of our treats contain nothing other than what you see in each product's name.

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December Holiday Closure

We are going on a vacation from Dec 4 till Dec 30. Any orders placed after Dec 1 will be fulfilled after Dec 30. Happy holidays~

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